About Us

Yu Kee Diamond was established in 1959. The founders created a prominent business of trading high quality diamonds in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. The company expanded their focus to include the retail market and has been serving their clientele for over half a century.

In addition to top quality and design, Yu Kee Diamond emphasizes excellence in diamond cutting and polishing. The promise of unforgettable and beautiful diamond jewellery has led to a following of appreciative customers over the years.

The current chairperson, Miss Alice Lee, takes pride in providing a bespoke experience to each client by understanding their wishes and requirements. She lends her expertise and experience to each customer to ensure that the design chosen will reveal the exceptional brilliance of each gemstone.

We provide design and service for resetting the old jewellery. Our transformational design will retain the memorial part of the jewellery and combine with new elements. The updated jewellery will be gorgeous and become a part of daily life to brighten up your days.

Yu Kee Diamond is well-respected by local and overseas customers. Our many clients over the years have the utmost faith and trust in our brand. We will continue to provide quality products with exquisite design and bespoke jewellery services.